Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ground Beneath my was German

I am writing a song entitled The Ground Beneath Me... and today that ground is German; Bavarian, actually: my last full day in Munich...

This morning, my last run in the beautiful Englischer Garten...
[I know it's blurry - I'm running.]

This garden, which I have known in greens, reds, browns and white...

and which has known me in joy and tears, solitude and seeking, and has dealt me peace in the midst of both...
City that knows of art 

and music...

and seeks that others do :)


and fun-loving...

Custodian of the memory of prophets people of God...such as 

Sophie Scholl

                                          or  Rupert Mayer... 

This has been the city that has welcomed me gracefully and graciously, and allowed me the space to move at my own pace, and re-find my own rhythm.

For the possibility of feeling emerge in me afresh a prayer that echoes, true, I will be ever grateful:

Herr, wie Du willst, so will ich geh’n,
Und wie Du willst, soll mir gescheh’n.
Hilf Deinen Willen nur versteh’n.

Herr, wann Du willst, dann ist es Zeit,
Und wann Du willst, bin ich bereit.
Heut und in alle Ewigkeit.

Herr, was Du willst, das nehm’ ich hin,
Und was Du willst, ist mir Gewinn.
Genug, dass ich Dein Eigen bin.

Herr, weil Du's willst, d’rum ist es gut,
Und weil Du's willst, d’rum hab’ ich Mut.
Mein Herz in Deinen Händen ruht.

[Rupert Mayer SJ]