Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Made in the UK with a great group of musicians and singers, songs about faith and life, as seen through the eyes of that faith:

We firmly believe that faith is LIFE, and we would love all people to know it!
We believe we are made by God and are marked deep within by that origin…so we sing
from and to the heart of God within each person. We want this music to bring others to the
love that sustains our lives and gives it all meaning, even in the dark moments.
The Word of God became human…and in these songs we hope that Word of God touches
your mind and soul as it does ours.
The CD is called STAND because we want to stand for that which we believe in, and we believe
the world is crying out for people who have a cause and are not ashamed to say it, live for it,
and give their lives for it! We are standing for the Kingdom of God.

We thank all who have helped in the making of this CD: the huge family of life and faith that
is for us expression of our first family: God our Father, Jesus, our Companion and Source of
our Life, and the Spirit, who is the very breath with which we sing.

Special thanks must go to Steve Szymanski, for all the time, talent, creativity, expertise and
sense of humour he has put into this CD. Impossible to have done without Him! Special
thanks also to Charlie Pugh for the generous and always good humoured sharing of talent in
the design area. Am sure God takes delight in you!

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