Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who are we for each other?

I wonder sometimes, thinking about those of us called to religious life: "who are we to each other?"

Maybe I am naive, in that I came into the world through a very blessed and beautiful family, so it seems to me that the commitment to another person as a couple or to one's children, although difficult, is at least clearer. But those of us who have given our lives to and for God - is it not too easy to become trapped in ourselves? Loving everyone, we risk loving no one? and in any case: who is the other person for me? Where and how do I bond? What do I give? What do I receive? What is friendship and love for a person whose heart is called to love Jesus, fully and wholly, and through him, others? Even having blessed relationships and friends, for whom I thank God daily, at times this question haunts me, as I look at the Church, near and far.

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