Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Consolation in and of the Body?

Consolation in and of the Body?

I have only recently started running.

And I am still a beginner – I avoid hills and run, following the alleged advice of Eamonn Coughlin “as slowly as I can, for as long as I can”. But it feels great. There is something about ‘feeling’ life through my body as my feet hit the ground and the cold air my face…I love it! I still need to push myself into that first step of making time, changing clothes to face the cold… but I love it. It is a physical –spiritual practice and place of discovery for me.

And it makes me think – there is a sort of ‘consolation of and in the body’, right? A sense, somehow, ‘without previous cause’ of God’s presence in and through stretched muscles and flesh moving to a rhythm marked from within and without. And it makes me wonder if there could not be a  “discernment (also) through the body” as well – that when we face important decisions (or daily ones), does God not also allow us sense in how we feel about ourselves in-our-body-in-the-world, what could be right? And I know discernment implies a lot of other elements and aspects, but perhaps this one has been overlooked? The joy of the flesh that God really wanted to come to visit… Cf. Jn 1:14.

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